About Us

Islamic Gifts Company With 60 years of experience and knowledge; souvenirs reminiscent of Turkish culture in one of the most trusted brand of Islam and Turkey.

KOÇ, which has specialized in the field of offering unique gifts for 60 years,   KOÇ GIFTS,  offers our clients with the ability to express their individuality, one beautiful item at a time.

It provides both wholesale and retail sales with 3000 kinds of products, including coffee sets, tea sets, glassware, Turkish carpets, Islamic gifts and Turkish ceramic products.

KOÇ GIFTS exports all over the world; Konya Mevlana and Turkey, both domestic and overseas service network all over the world in all centrally located, next to the museum continues its service quality in online sales channel.

Your orders are delivered on time with quality product supply, customer-oriented and customer-oriented service.

Thanks to the domestic and international production network, the product variety is increasing day by day and the product is delivered quickly thanks to the stocks in the warehouses.

Our brand continues to evolve everyday in order to exact our vision of offering our clients great value on fashionable and exclusive homeware, decor, and accessories.

We are a family company at Turbe Caddesi Karatay-KONYA, since 1960