Payment Issues


How Can I Pay?
We accept the payments by  Credit Card, Debit Card, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and almost every card available around the world. We will also accept payment by Paypal as soon as possible.
Shipping fees are not inclusive import fees that may be charged by your country of residence when the package reaches your destination country.
When Will I Be Charged?

All payments are handled by  American Express (Amex), Visa and MasterCard immediately. If you cannot complete your purchase and receive “Transaction Is Not Approved” etc. message,  it means your bank did not let you to pay this because of transaction extra security barriers transactions.
Before contact with your bank, please try;
* Make sure the invoice name matches the name of the credit card holder.
* Check that the name of the invoice holder matches the address of the credit card holder.
*Check if your credit card is eligible for international transactions.
If the problem is still not resolved after all these transactions, you may need to contact your bank and confirm this transaction on the phone.
After confirmation please try again to pay and you will let you to complete your order.
Once you've received approval from the bank, try the payment process again and complete the order.

You can ask every questions about payment transactions without hesitation.